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Nobles and Nobles' Ladies it is an honor to be chosen to serve Wahabi Shrine as Potentate for 2015.  My theme this year is "Chasing Cures for Kids". I would like to give you an example of what we have planned this year.  We plan to participate in more Parades to be more visible in the community.  We plan to revise our ceremonials.  Have themed hospitalities like Duck Dynasty night, treasure hunts, movie night and many others.  We are also planning a Temple cruise in the Fall.  I hope the themed hospitalities will encourage everyone to get involved in Wahabi Temple.

We have taken an look at some of the issues here in Wahabi Temple. Our communications and mentoring of new Nobles are some of the issues we plan to address this year.  The plan is to have a monthly communication via email.  We need your updated email address.  Noble update forms are available in the Temple office or can be sent via email. We are currently working on the calendars. Will all  clubs and units please submit any important dates and times ASAP.  For your event to appear on the calendar.

This year is all about having fun while working together to "Chase the Cures for our Shrine Kids".  I look forward to working with the new Divan and Membership and Having a Successful Year. 

I would also like to recognize my Family and thank them for their love & support.


Brien Sharp

Wahabi Potentate 2015

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